Construction Services
Construction Services
Construction Services

Quality is the one word that would describe a home by Gravell & Company. We pride ourselves in using the best building materials and quality control methods. We go to great lengths to achieve our client’s finished product, whether it be elaborate pool structures or woven mahoghany doors, but the use of high quality building materials are a requirement when we are constructing a project. We want our projects to set the new standard for quality and workmanship.

Personable would be another word that describes Gravell & Company. We believe the construction process is a very personable one, and we do our very best to achieve all of our clients goals. We maintain great relationships long after the construction process is complete, and a referral for us is the best form of gratitude that anyone could give us. Referral leads are the majority of our business.

Product selection is another area where Gravell & Company shines. We take extensive measures to keep up with current building products and installation methods to ensure that your home is not only structurally sound, but also built with the latest technology, including:

  • Residential fire suppression systems
  • Green building methods (see below)
  • The latest in Audio/Video, low voltage lighting, and home automation
  • And other various high-performance building products



“Green Building” is the popular trend now, but we’ve always known it to be the way to build. So what does it mean to build Green? At a minimum, it is building an all-around efficient project. Details such as optimized and properly sized HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, high performance windows, Energy Star labeled appliances and light fixtures, and effective water-conscious plumbing fixtures all contribute to a “green” building, saving our clients money and maximizing their investment.

With that being said, the new movement in Green Building now encompasses so much more than building efficiency. In most programs, to get your project certified green, it has to score high in multiple areas:

  • Site selection / Site design
  • Resource efficiency / Recycling
  • Energy efficiency / Home performance
  • Water efficiency indoors and outdoors
  • Indoor environmental quality, including minimizing pollutants and moisture management
  • Homeowner education in both operation and maintenance of their home

All the items listed above may sound like a lot, but it is only the tip of the iceberg; that is why an experienced contractor and design professional is a must in building a certified project.

We are also proud to say we are knowledgeable in the latest green products and installation methods. These products add value to your investment and minimize impact on the environment:

  • ICF’s (Insulated Concrete Forms)
  • Pre-fab construction – wall panels, floor systems, roof systems
  • Geothermal and other efficient HVAC systems
  • Foam insulation
  • LED lighting
  • High efficiency pluming fixtures
  • High efficiency landscape irrigation systems (systems reducing irrigation water usage by up to 70%)
  • Recycled Building Materials